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Январские курсы от fxphd полезные для колористов

  • DCT301 - Camera Tech and Colour Science
  • RED302 - RED EPIC Grading Workflow
  • DCT301 - Camera Tech and Colour Science
    Camera operators and assistants, colourists, visual effects supervisors and artists, and others are making the transition to digital acquisition. Digital imaging technicians (DITs), digital intermediate engineers, and technicians are also centrally involved. Leading the course is the incredibly knowledgeable Charles Poynton, who will discuss color and digital cinema acquisition in a manner that’s accessible to cinematographers, colourists, and related craftspeople.

    How many stops of exposure latitude does a digital camera offer? What exposure index should be used? What is the“film look” and where should it be imposed? Why does noise arise, and what can be done to minimize it? Should I record and process “log” or “linear”? Is there one kind of “log” and one kind of “linear,” or are those terms ambiguous? Is it valuable to have an on-set display? Where do the LUTs go, and who should determine their content? Under what conditions is on-set colour grading useful?

    Poyton will discuss logarithmic coding, camera sensitivity and ISO/EI ratings. He will describe the zone system, and discuss what aspects of that system are valuable in connection with digital acquisition. In addition, the course will cover the tone scale and colour modifications that impart the “film look,” and the roles of camera controls (gamma, knee, slope) and 1D and 3D lookup tables in achieving these modifications.

    RED302 - RED EPIC Grading Workflow
    In this advanced technical look at grading and managing EPIC footage, we will aim to both build upon our earlier EPIC production courses and our color science understanding. This course presents a range of detailed options for EPIC workflow. It will present some simple workflows but also aim to cover more complex issues leading into grading. All EPIC footage is shot to be graded, and while we will cover some effects work, our primary aim will be to present a way to get great graded footage from the EPIC and make sure that what you are shooting produces the best possible footage.

    Because the EPIC landscape changes so quickly, this course may not be repeated since it will deal with the latest workflow, software builds, and EPIC products. fxphd has had an EPIC M since March 2011 and then one of the first EPIC X (#22) as well as one of the first field EPIC Canon mounts.

    We will have a series of micro shoots in the term so we can examine a really wide range of material from Macro food shots to luxury cars, from Primates to exotic night fire shoots. Material will be made available as .r3ds for you to download and explore.

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